Posted Apr 22, ’15 – Within the Silence


AL: Once I have freed myself from thought and emotion I have an awareness of movement that takes me into a state of beautiful silence as I wrote in my last column.

Within this silence a feeling of vastness begins to become known, it is as though I have unlimited sight in all directions simultaneously. There are no defined boundaries, no structures, and this exquisite expanse of silence causes a rush of exhilaration within me. I feel so pure and free that a feeling of wellness and joy is all there is.

Next a profound peacefulness manifests within the silence and I feel as though I am being bathed by it. I pause in this state of peace for what seems to be quite awhile until a profound love manifests. It seems as though it was always there just waiting for me to become totally free to be able to receive it. This is a love without limit and, as I surrender to it, a state of ease manifests over me that completes me. From somewhere deep within me, I remember this profound love.

Over the years I have come to know this to be a love that is constantly flowing to all of creation. It is that which is called life, itself. It is never-ending, always being offered in its pure state to any who are willing to receive it.

It may seem unbelievable that one would ever choose to leave such peace and love as I’ve described above. But once it is known and reclaimed, it is always within. This inner peace and love surrounds me with a neutrality that empowers me to move freely within my readings. There is nothing about me that could violate the free will of any other soul in any realm of expression that I might pass through. I call this becoming “lovingly neutral.”