Posted Apr 13, ’14 – Power in the Silence


Al: Our little Hendersonville study group used to meet every Thursday for a period of silent meditation. We would come into the meeting silently and we would sit silently for a half hour to an hour and, only after we concluded, did we speak.

During one of these silent meditations I had gone to an exceptionally deep level of peacefulness and suddenly I heard this powerful, but gently spoken, message:

“There is power  in the Silence.”

There was a pause and, then, I heard:

“There is power  in the Peace.”

And another pause and, finally:

“There is power  in the Love.”

I shared my experience with the rest of the group and we were all in wonder about the message and the magnitude with which it was given, so, for quite some time, I held these messages in my heart and mind as I began my meditations. And, each time I did, I found that the depth of my meditation became more and more profound until, finally, after several readings with Lama Sing and a number of meditations and discussions between Susan and and I, we both decided that we were going to seek Consciousness, in its purest state. In other words, Oneness with Father. Our intent was and is thereafter to bring this Consciousness back to our finite expression here in the Earth.

But my purpose for sharing this with you here is not so much to retell that story, although I hope it’s helpful to you, but to point out that there is a Silence that I consider to be sacred. Everyone knows about the silence that exists between sounds, between spoken words, and those who meditate regularly know about another silence that is found moreso within.

While there is similarity between the meditative silence and the Sacred Silence, there is a distinction that I believe to be very important: Sacred Silence lies beyond the mind. It is that Silence which offers the seeker a threshold into that space from which you can attain God’s perfect Peace. And, soon after attaining this, you will feel the flow of God’s Love, which is unforgettable.

In my next column, I’ll offer you some suggestions that have helped me reach the state of Sacred Silence and, perhaps, they will be helpful to you, as well. That will be my hope.

Remember, too, that your questions or comments are always welcome and they would help me to zero in on the things that might help you the very most.