Posted Apr 14, ’16 – A Lama Sing Parable: The Traveller


Lama Sing: A traveller walks along the road of life and finds a stone and picks it up and places it in their bag and carries it. They name it Sorrow. And, as they walk along, they find another similar stone and retrieve it, as well, placing it their bag and, now, they have two such sorrows. And again and again this happens, until they are bent with the burden of the sorrows they have gathered.

If you come upon one such, bent with the burden of sorrow, how might you reach out to them? Would you say to them, “Here, brother, sister. Let me lend you a hand. I will carry some of these stones for you.” Or might you say to them, “Dear traveller, look you here. I have nourishment. Let us pause here and rest awhile. I see your burden is great. Let me share with you that which I have, and I believe it will make you better, lighter, and more pure, and it will give you the strength you seek for the journey ahead.”

And, when you give to them the bread of life and you tell them of the love that awaits them and of the forgiveness that is already theirs and, then, ask them, “What is it that you carry in your bag?” The traveller might, indeed, turn to look within their bag to discover there is nothing, for, the love that you have given to them and the promise of God’s grace have vanquished the sorrows, and the stones have returned to their source.

Turning to look at you, the traveller asks, “How can I repay you for what you have given me?” And, as you both stand and brush your garments off, the traveller, picking up his empty bag with a smile, turns to you for your answer. And, smiling, you simply say, “You can repay me by loving me as I love you.” And, as the traveller embraces you, you whisper to him, “Love all whom you meet in, just so, this same way and the road we travel will be cleared of those stones completely.”


The journey in your daily life is not much different, is it? You encounter those who are carrying those “stones” they have chosen – those guilts, those sorrows, those aspects that they cannot forgive within themselves. Whether you speak to them or nay, reach out with your spirit and give unto them. And, as you do, know the truth: that, as you give it, so is it; and, as you give it in your Father’s Name, it is an eternal gift awaiting only that one’s moment of choice to receive it.