A Prayer for Balancing Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit

Lama Sing:

I pray of Thee, Father, asking that Thy will and purpose be done herein.

Father, I ask of Thee, humbly, prayers of Grace for my spiritual expression.
I thank You, Father.

Next, I pray for the expression of mind and emotion, asking, Father, that You would bring forth the spiritual ease and joy, the peace and well-being which accompanies Thy spirit. I ask that this be given now.
I thank Thee, Father.

Now, I ask for the physical body, that the grace and blessings of the spirit of the Christ, in harmony with Thy very spirit, Father, expressed as one, surround and bless me – that there is no further need for duress of any kind.
I thank Thee, Father.

Finally, I ask that You would unify the spirit, mind, emotion, and body into a state of harmonious Oneness, that I might, henceforth, be at ease in all respects in accordance with Thy will and purpose for me.
I thank Thee, Father.

I ask that the blessing and intent of this prayer remain around me, that I might draw from Your love and that of those who walk with me whenever, wherever, and however I might choose.

These things I pray in accordance with my intent to serve, humbly thanking Thee, Father, in joy for this opportunity of service in Thy name. Amen.