Posted Apr 29, ’17 – Meditation Series: #7

Summarizing the Steps

Before You Begin:
Know the level of meditation you are intending. Guidance? Is it guidance of a more “earthly” nature? Guidance for Spirit? Or are you wanting to experience the deepest level of Consciousness or Love you can attain? Or are wanting to be open to the highest and best whatever that might be for this meditation?

Do whatever you do that brings you to your state of relaxation and ease.

When you are relaxed, begin your prayer. If you agree with the power in the spoken word, speak or whisper your prayer. Begin with a prayer for yourself, reiterating that you are intending the highest and best for yourself and that you are continually surrounded by the Light. In your prayer, build your expectation until you have reached a place of faith. From this place of faith and belief, say a prayer for any others you feel called to, feeling your joy in the prayer being answered in just the perfect way.

Make a statement of gratitude about the prayers being answered. Now make a statement of gratitude for what you are about to receive. Doing all this has begun to open the path for you. If you want, allow your lips to remain slightly parted so you can whisper changes, questions, communication, etc. (Doing so at this point helps keep this from being a distraction later.) Now, continue to relax.

Remember that you are allowing yourself to perceive, feel, and Know any changes or communications. Remember, too, that you are not going to question or doubt during the meditation; you can do so afterwards but in meditation you are going to focus on/follow what comes to you.


Begin Your Focus

1 – Reiterate to self your intent of Loving Neutrality, and begin to “follow” this intent

2 – Focus on Peace until it stimulates you in a wonderful way

3 – Allow thoughts to drift on by, don’t fight them

4 – Focus on the Stillness, the Sacred Silence, allowing it to expand

5 – Focus on the deepening Peace

6 – Focus straight ahead and allow this to open you and broaden your awareness

7 – Sustain the focus until something changes regarding the level you stated in the beginning

(If you haven’t noticed something, expand your perception left, right, up, down)

8 – Return to your Friend, your body/mind, when you feel guided

9 – Remain for awhile in a state of Gratitude


Briefly record your experience


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