Posted Feb 01, ’17 – A New World Consciousness

Lama Sing: The entrée of the Promise brings to you the pure expression as what is known as the Christ Spirit. And this simply means that it is God’s holy intent that you would know yourselves to be eternal, His eternal Children.

You direct the course of your journey. You may feel as though you are being buffeted by forces outside of self, or by emotions and habits that have been accumulated over a lifetime or two, and on and on. Or you may feel that you have journeyed into a level of expression in consciousness that has been collectively chosen by a group of souls to be defined in this certain way. And so, because you have journeyed here —remember you have chosen to journey here—so you are now experiencing their choices. You could think at the onset, My, what have I chosen here? Or, you could be very astute and say, My, what have I journeyed into, and realize these to be the collective choices of others.

The Promise is the eternal Call of God, and it is, in essence, upon the Earth now. What does this mean? some have asked. Why, then, do not all the wars stop if the Promise is upon the Earth? Why does not dis- ease vanish? Why would there ever be anything similar to conflict, disagreement, emotional challenges such as anger or hatred and that sort? The simplistic answer is because it can be; the more complex answer is, because some are still choosing it.

As the Promise reaches its full manifestation and becomes visible to all who are willing to see, a point of transition will occur. There will be the continuity of experiences that are the choices of those who prefer to continue on as they are. And there will be a movement of a level of consciousness that will carry those who choose the Promise to a new realm of expression: a realm wherein no one is bound to another; that each has the right of choice; and that all of the expressions therein have the fullness of Freedom to be as they are intended to be by the Word of God.

But you are the masters of your own choices. Now is the time to apply this. See?


[given Dec 10, ’16]