The Al Miner / Lama Sing Website

Welcome to the Lama Sing / Al Miner Website

This website contains thousands of excerpts from the Lama Sing/Al Miner readings.

If you are new to this work, we encourage you to get acquainted with Al Miner first and then to spend some time in the section titled “The Return.” This is the area in which we are focusing most all our attention now, for it includes, in “The Promise,” the understanding and revelation of Utter Freedom.

The website is also a repository of the Al Miner / Lama Sing readings. We are constantly adding to it from the library we have and any that are being sent to us by those who received one or more readings in past who heard about the fire in which more than 8,000 readings were burned.

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Allen Joseph Miner
Oct 24, 1935 – July 27, 2018

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