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Those familiar with this website will see big changes since having last visited. Rather than trying to keep up with finding, extracting, and posting excerpts from the latest work, we have decided to make the site a repository of all the Lama Sing material, including ongoing readings. (The reason for this change is to have more personal time for prayer, meditation, contemplative living, and service.)

Years ago a number who were closely following this work suspected I was John the Baptist. I would hear none of that. Knowing the Baptist’s lineage, past and future, at first it was inconceivable to me that I could be that one, but memories began to come back to me of that lifetime as the Forerunner. In 2000, Lama Sing confirmed this and, since then, has repeatedly referred to it in various contexts. A number of times, Christ asked me to tell others of His coming. This was His first request, January 1, 2000:

Tell them I come.  Do it, again.  I am with you.  This time, we shall not be separate. This is one Work. We can fulfill the promise. Will you help me?”

I have several times passed along His message since I was asked, as well as placed great emphasis in the readings and in my life on The Promise and these prophesied times. So why am I now, before all, announcing my lineage? Because I am on the Earth again at the time of His return. According to Lama Sing, “this is the hour,” and I wish to humbly honor Him to the best of my ability in a way intended to garner the attention the message deserves:

Prepare yourselves. He Comes.

With profound blessings,
Al Miner

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